Abrasives and Superabrasives

CAR S.r.l. supplies all ABRASIVES and SUPERABRASIVES stone (metal or resin bond) Type, Grit (from 60 to 1200).

Dimensions used in honing operation:

1. Silicon Carbide (J): used for the material removing on cast iron, brass, bronze, aluminum and hard steel.

2. Aluminum Oxide (A): used for roughing on many types of steel and deburring on all materials.

3. C.B.N. Cubic Boron Nitride called Borazon (N): with its cutting capacity it is recommended for honing tough alloy steel and other resistant abrasive materials.

4. Diamond (D): used for the honing of widia, chrome, cast iron, glass, ceramic, carbide.

Stone selection

The selection of the honing stone is very important because it determines the life of the abrasive, the bore precision, the removing time of the material, the finish degree and life of guide shoes and mandrel (when it has integral shoes).
To effect the selection it is necessary to consider the follow main elements:
• type of material to hone
• material hardness
• working time

Honing performance

he superficial finishing obtained with the honing is determined by: the grit stone dimension, the type of material to work, the honing pressure on the stone, the type and rotation speed of the mandrel, the type of coolant, the type of abrasive used.


  International standard list
Surface finishing results